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Features Checklists


You will download a number of forms to use to collect more information about your property.

The forms are extensive because they cover a large number of options for tourism businesses of all types and sizes. Complete what is relevant for you and leave the rest.

For most properties you will quickly complete a lot of the information from the comfort of your desk and from your detailed knowledge of the property.

Then, we ask that you walk around your property to collect the remainder of the information, take some measurements and take photos to accompany your listing.

The core information we ask you to collect is divided into the following sections:

  • Booking Process
  • Arrival & Departure
  • Assistance & Service Dogs
  • Staff Training & Assistance
  • Getting Around the Property
  • Facilities, Tables & Seating (Food and Drink only, coming soon)
  • Local Area
  • Emergency Procedures

We then provide additional forms, so you can add multiple entries for some features of your property, as relevant:

  • Toilets and Bathrooms
  • Room Types (Accommodation only)
  • Restaurants, Bars and Dining Areas (Accommodation, Activities and Events only)
  • Exhibitions and Performances (Activities and Events only)
  • Outdoor Areas
  • Additional Buildings

We estimate that for small tourism operators, the process to collect the information and take photos will take you a couple of hours.

Features Listing


Follow 5 easy to follow steps in our Help Centre to create your listing to the Travel For All Directory.

Step 1: Add your listing with your core property details and photos
Step 2: Gather all accessibility information, photos and video
Step 3: Add Accessibility details to your listing
Step 4: Create galleries for accessibility related photos and video
Step 5: Let us know you are ready for your listing to be live

Once your listing is published

  • Let people know all about the accessible features of your property
  • Share links to your listing on your website and in your marketing materials and social media
  • Download your Travel For All badge and add to your website to show your commitment to accessible and inclusive travel

Choose the White Glove Service and we will save you time by uploading everything to Travel For All for you.

Businesses on the Verified Plan skip all of this. We visit your property to collect all the information, take photos and upload to Travel For All. Read more about the Verified Plan.

Features Training


Training is included for all customers as it is crucial to the guest experience. Our research showed that 80% of people with accessibility needs said helpful and friendly staff was a key factor in the accessibility of a property. It is important that everyone is comfortable assisting guests, whatever their requirements.

Training for yourself and your team members is included with your Travel For All plan. Select the plan that provides enough training places for your business.

You have access to all training provided by Travel For All.

  • Disability Awareness Training
  • Accessible Travel (coming soon)
  • Additional courses will be created as required

Your business will have a training group, which you manage to see who has enroled for and completed the training. You can invite your staff members to join Travel For All and get access to your business' training group.

Businesses who choose the Premium Plan, Verified Plan or White Glove Service, will have a custom branded enrolment page created for them.


There is more! We have some optional services that you can add onto any plan. Note that all are already included with the Verified Plan.

Marketing and Promotion: Featured listing and promotion on social media, in our newsletter and the Traveller Forum.

Blog + Promotion: write a blog post to promote your business and we will publish and promote to the Travel For All community and on social media

White Glove Service: hand over all the information about your property and we will take care of creating your directory listing

Verification: complete your listing and then we will visit you to verify the details. This adds a Verified badge to your listing

Consultation: complete your listing then book a consultation with co-founder Dale Reardon for ideas on how to improve your accessibility

Add-Ons can be purchased when you sign up for a plan, or added at a later time.
Visit the Plans page to read more about the Add-Ons, and view pricing.


The Help Centre has been created to take you through the process of setting up your listing on Travel For All, collecting the accessibility information for your property, accessing training courses for your team and answering your questions about the services we offer.

Visit the Travel For All Help Centre

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